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Top 12 Things to do when he puts a ring on it.

WooHoo! You're engaged! You have called your parents and friends (you know the ones who would be mad if they found out you got engaged on Facebook)

Now it's time to get organized! Here are the 12 things you need to do right away!

1. Announce your engagement. Facebook, twitter, call, text, email or go the old fashioned way and list it in the local newspapers.

2. Start your guest list!

3. Your ring should come with an Insurance Replacement Estimate, get that info to your homeowners or renters insurance right away. Most jewelry stores will give them to you after you buy it. If it is lost or stolen you are out a lot of money! If you don't have renter's insurance, don't worry add it to whoever you have your vehicle insured through and you usually get a discount. Renters insurance is typically $20 or less a month!

4. Venue and Ceremony site Tours. If you like it, get it booked!

5. Create a wedding website and add a registry on it.

6. Choose your wedding party.

7. SET THE DATE, you will need this info for all the vendors you are about to book!

8. Book the DJ! The really good ones book quickly, so get to it as soon as the date is set.

9. Book the photographer! Check out their facebook page or website to make sure it's the style you want for your photos.

10. Book your Hair and Makeup. The REALLY good ones book up FAST!

11. Book your Photo Booth! Again they book fast.

12. Schedule your engagement pictures soon, that way you will have everything to send out save the dates!



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